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Invite your customers and followers to be your micro-influencers.

Gamify their actions and reward them for sharing your brand’s content to their community.

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Create an engaging loyalty program with customised campaigns

Customise the points, audience and rewards. Invite the most relevant ambassadors for each campaign and rank your top micro- influencers.

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Recommendation is the #1 key factor for purchase order

Your customers are your best ambassadors. Let them talk to their friends about your brand.

Friends Marketing, the new big thing

Your community influence is here, ready to speak! Give them the power to develop your brand awareness.

Create cool campaigns in few minutes

Create time-limited campaigns that increase your brand’s social media engagement. Boost your Black Friday promotions, set your Bestseller product campaigns alight.

Why Micro-Influencers?

They are trusted, brand-relevant, high in volume, loyal, great advocates and real influencers within their network.

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