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Key features

The First all in One Engagement Platform

With Spitche you can invite all your community to be ambassador of your Brand : Employees, Customers, Partners, Followers ...

Create & Schedule Post

Spitche allows you to create and schedule unlimited posts in advance for your social networks.

Your Social Media in a Unique Place

Connect & Manage your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn directly from our Platform. Spitche creates you a feed of all your social networks.

Marketing Data Analysis

Track the activity of your Ambassadors in our Dashboard and see which of your posts, which social media and which group work better and bring you more engagement.

Create unlimited type of ambassadors

Classify your Ambassadors and create different groups. eg: your employees, then tag them: Hr Team, Sales Team, Marketing Team...

Amplify your Reach

Your Ambassadors share your content on their own social media. By recommending your services to their network of friends they boost the trust in your brand, the organic reach and unlock new opportunities.

Gamification to motivate your Ambassadors

Design a Gamification Plan with points and levels to reach in exchange of great incentives for all your ambassadors activity.

Customer Success

By being Ambassador, they feel closer to your brand and feel more implicated. It improves their loyalty and unlock you new opportunities.

Why your brand needs to use Spitche?

Powerful Dashboard

Track and analyze the activity of your Ambassadors: how many likes, comments, shares they got from their network for your posts.
See how many people you reach thanks to your Ambassadors.
Discover which kind of post and campaign work the best.
Analyze your ambassadors behavior and interest.

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Create your Account by:

1- Connecting your Social Networks. Manage your Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin from our Platform and set up your Brand's Profile with your own Corporate Identity

2- Customize your gamification (points, levels, rewards) & Create your different types of ambassadors

3- Invite your community to your Spitche page & Start creating and programming your content

4- Ready! Enjoy the power of your community. By sharing and recommending your content on their own social networks, they unlock you a new world of opportunities.