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The Definitive Guide To Loyalty With Nano Influencers

Loyalty. Merriam-Webster defines being loyal as being “unswerving in allegiance”. We think that having a customer that is unswerving in allegiance sounds like something brands would want. But many spend a lot of their budgets on marketing, SEO, Facebook, Google and Instagram advertising, and influencer marketing — acquiring new customers, if you will. Nearly half (44%) of companies […]

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How To Build An Engaged And Loyal Brand Community

Whenever we take a trip somewhere, we almost instinctively check AirBnb for lodging. While there are tons of other options, AirBnb has managed to do something their competitors haven’t: build a fiercely loyal brand community, thereby becoming the go-to lodging marketplace. Why them? They call themselves a ‘community marketplace’. With their community-based, ‘belong anywhere’ values, […]

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