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Which Loyalty Program Is Best For Your eCommerce Business

What Loyalty Program Will Best For Your ecommerce Business in 2019 Olga always goes to the same baker she’s been going to for years. There’s a second one a bit closer to her house, wit h better and fresher bread. Why does she keep going to the first one? Well, they know her name, they […]

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How Nano Influencers Can Explode Your Black Friday Sales

How to Use Nano Influencers To Explode Your Black Friday Sale How to Use Nano Influencers To Explode Your Black Friday Sales Only one day after families gather to give thanks, shoppers are locked and loaded for the busiest shopping day of the year.   It isn’t known for being the most peaceful of holidays. […]

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social media

The latest social media features – October 2018 update

We are focusing today on the latest updates for each social media platforms. This month’s news is on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat. FACEBOOK End of automatic synchronization of tweets sharing It was time: the social network no longer allows tweets on our account to be automatically shared on Facebook. This is a good measure […]

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Gamification: an asset for customer loyalty

A recent infographic reveals that 7 out of 10 people play video games. Brands are trying to take advantage of this potential gamer of consumers: more and more people are investing in gamification, a technique that aims to use the game mode to create an affinity with the brand, and thereby allow retention and recruitment […]

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The nano influencer: the conversion asset

And if the influence was no longer measured by the number of subscribers more and more affected by “influence fatigue”? Reflection on this market certainly booming but especially and fortunately changing. Influencer marketing budgets have increased by 90% since 2013. The market, which was estimated at $ 2 billion in 2017, could reach 10 billion […]

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Nano-influencers: the new best allies for your brand

Influential and engaging from his sofa, the nano-influencer is the brand’s new ally! Nano-influencers are people who like a brand, a product, a cause, an event, and who talk about them. They are not paid to do it, they just want to share their opinion to enlighten their peers in their purchases. These “Mr. and […]

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Macro-influence, micro-influence, nano-influence, what differences?

Influence marketing is a big name from which many features and variations result. In order to shed light on this term, massively used (sometimes wrongly), we will look at the different forms it can take. First, there are three main forms of influence marketing: – The so-called “mass influence” (macro-influence) – The micro-influence – Nano-influence […]

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The 6 ingredients finally unveiled to make your content go viral!

The virality of content is a curious phenomenon. Sometimes you write a simple article or you turn a video. You publish it and a few days later, your content triggered hundreds of shares. Without knowing why, you have created viral content. Many entrepreneurs and marketers would like to know the secrets of virality. It’s true […]

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For successful influence marketing: the advertiser has a role to play!

In view of the seemingly irremediable decline of display advertising, it is fashionable to evoke influence marketing as a panacea. But it is often considered strictly theoretically or by far in broad outline. However, if it is extremely effective when it is carried out with a master hand, it can become deficient and not fulfill […]

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Who are the influencers? from top tail influencers to the micro-influencers!

Who are the influencers? The top tail and middle tail influencers, micro influencers and influencers of the future. They are on everyday social networks and are the preferred partners of brands to promote their products. Let’s discover them: Perfect pillar of influence marketing, influencers are present on all social networks. Instagram is the most coveted […]

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How to create attractive content for your audience?

Turned by definition to others, the community manager is creating content for it’s fans having an interest in the products, services or universe of a brand. He therefore communicates with them in a real dialogue. It will take you to be effective in your digital communication strategy to understand your audience, think and act like […]

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Instagram News {Update 07/18}

A few days ago, Facebook announced that Instagram has reached one billion active users per month.   #1 Video calls land (finally) on Instagram Instagram deploys video calls in Direct Mail, as well as a new design for the Explorer tab. The social network also continues to beef up its messaging, by launching a video call […]

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social networks

Social Networks: How to create your editorial calendar?

If you want to implement a concrete content strategy on social networks, you will need a tool: the editorial calendar. The benefits are many. It allows you to have a long-term vision of your strategy, to ensure coherence between your different contents and to identify the work to be done over the coming weeks. So, […]

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How to humanize your e-commerce?

Being able to humanize your e-commerce is one of the qualities of the greatest marketing experts. If we focus on the monitoring of a scenario, the control of every detail, every publication and every keyword, we would surely obtain results, but the contact with the customer will not be complete …   The key is […]

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Fashion Brands: Successful social media strategy

Small shop or big brand, develop its social media strategy in the field of fashion is not easy. To shine on all social medias, follow some practical tips … MEMES, CLICKABLE PRODUCTS AND VIDEOS: THE KEYS TO SUCCESS ON FACEBOOK To federate your Facebook community, you need to know the social network codes, and adapt […]

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social media

Social Media 2018: Facebook & Instagram are updated

This beginning of the year 2018 has been marked by many updates and news regarding social media. And as you know, good management of social networks requires knowledge of new features and updates of algorithms. It is therefore important to keep abreast of this news so that you can adapt your communication strategy accordingly. So […]

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How to create content for the “Millennials”? Speak the Digital Native!

Born after the year 2000, they have the super power of being born and growing up with the Internet. If the Millennials are the target of your Content Marketing strategy, here are some tips for learning to speak digital-native … #1 CREATE “SCROLLABLE” CONTENT ON SMARTPHONE Make no mistake, Millennials does not mean more cool […]

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10 ideas to engage your fans on Facebook

It’s no secret to any community manager. Managing a presence on social networks is time-consuming and can quickly become complicated. After all, you must constantly publish to stay in the minds of your (very) dear fans. They did not follow you for nothing. At first, it’s very funny. We find ideas quite easily and we […]

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It’s official: presenting the all new Spitche brand ambassador engagement platform

It’s finally time to take a look at the future of social media and experience the power of ambassador marketing. Spitche version 2 is here and it can send your organic engagement sky high!   Our B2B service is designed for savvy brand marketers who understand the importance of powerful organic marketing campaigns on Facebook. […]

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brand ambassadors

Effective Ways To Reward Your Online Brand Ambassadors

Converting your company’s fans into online brand ambassadors has proven to be a highly effective way of increasing organic engagement, and in turn sales. It’s not a new revelation that referrals and word of mouth recommendations have enormous positive influence on people’s buying decisions.   A 2016 Nielsen Study found that just over 80% (this […]

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5 things you didn’t know about brand ambassadors

Forget the flashing billboard on your drive to work; your best marketing opportunities are much easier to reach. Every one of your clients’ recommendations to colleagues, friends, and family carries far more weight than the advertisements they see every day. When you hear the words “brand ambassador,” who do you think of? Most people answer […]

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How important is community engagement on Facebook anyway?

Community managers are often faced with the ROI question – the good news is, there is plenty of evidence to show that highly engaged, happy communities really do mean more sales.   You’ve seen it everywhere, B2C brands want to build engaged online communities. It’s no surprise; with over 3 billion social media users on […]

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Guide to video advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Video is the most immersive format on Facebook and Instagram Its use is a requirement for each type of advertiser The best practices for creating a powerful video are dictated by mobile: capture attention quickly, without sound, and use square or vertical formats There is no need for important means of production to make good […]

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innovative solutions

5 innovative solutions to (re) boost your organic reach on Facebook

With the new update of the Facebook algorithm, many are wondering if it is still worth it to have a Facebook Page. After all, the average organic reach of a Facebook Page is well below 5%. This drop in organic reach is not new at all when you think about it. In fact, it has […]

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7 simple actions to do in 20 minutes to improve the traffic of your blog

Looking to improve the traffic of your business blog? Discover some simple actions to set up to increase the number of visits to your site … #TRANSFORM YOUR BEST MESSAGES Do you have content that works really well on your site? It naturally generates more shares or more commitments on your social networks? Great ! […]

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Why the price of Facebook Ads will increase in 2018

The price of Facebook ads could almost double in 2018. Is this gold acquisition channel drying up? Should I stop your campaigns and switch your ads to another network? Do not panic, we explain here why this increase and what it implies for your use of Facebook Ads … #HOW DOES FACEBOOK EARN MONEY TODAY […]

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How to acquire free subscribers on Instagram?

Not so easy to find a place on Instagram. With 700 million monthly users in 2017, Facebook’s little brother is 9th in the global social network rankings. So, to attract subscribers, of course, you have to produce quality content. But to help you publicize your account that is struggling to gain visibility, discover some tips […]

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GDPR: how to make your webmarketing strategy comply?

The GDPR is one of the hottest topics of this autumn 2018. And for good reason, it will upset many organizations, and impact all departments, the web, marketing but also IT, because they are all concerned with the processing of user data. #CONCRETELY, WHAT IS THE GDPR? GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the new […]

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boost sales

How to boost the sales of your site via the purchase notifications?

Did you know that 7 out of 10 people say they look at reviews before buying? I’m sure that’s your case too! In any case it’s mine on at least 50% of my online purchases. Social proof is crucial in the purchase process, it reassures potential customers on the credibility of an offer … #WHY […]

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influencer marketing

4 Ways to Start with Influencer Marketing

According to the study “Influence 2.0: The Future of Influence Marketing” launched in 2017 by Traackr, 83% of major brand marketers say that building relationships with influencers in their industry is a top priority. Influence marketing, one of the buzzwords of 2018? For large companies, that’s for sure. But what about businesses with tighter marketing […]

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Facebook will promote informative media, local and well rated by users

A few days after decreeing the return of friends on the newsfeed (at the expense of pages), Facebook announces a new update of the newsfeed. Facebook will rely on user feedback to favor the media “informative, local and reliable” according to Internet users. Reliable media will be favored by Facebook As a first step, the […]

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Instagram and GIPHY team up, add GIF stickers to your stories today

Add animated GIFs to your stories: you may have dreamed about it, Instagram did it. The application announces a partnership with the specialized platform GIPHY, which allows you to add animated stickers to your stories, today. Insert a GIF into an Instagram story? You can add animated GIFs to your published photos and videos in […]

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facebook algorithm change

How to stay visible on Facebook despite changes in the algorithm

On January 11, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced a major change to Facebook’s algorithm.   The news has had the effect of the bomb among community managers, media and businesses. Moreover, the action Facebook even lost 4.5% of its value in the stock market the same day, following this news. This update is undoubtedly a game-changer […]

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2018 guide to the size of images on social networks

We gather on this page all size dimensions of images on social networks. Photo sizes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have just been updated. You can keep this page as a favorite for easier access to all dimensions of images and photos. We designed it because for any project related to social networks, the […]

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The e-commerce trends for 2018

The year 2017 is now finished, it’s time to look forward to the year ahead. What are the trends and priority e-commerce projects in 2018?   E-commerce trends: personalization, customer experience, omnichannel control, artificial intelligence, mobility … Before discussing the trends in e-commerce, remember that e-commerce is doing well and especially French e-commerce, which after […]

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digital marketing

2018 digital marketing trends

After publishing the key figures for 2018, we now focus on digital marketing trends for the year coming.   Mobile influences marketing strategies The victory of the mobile against the desktop. “The” Mobile Moment “remains one of the highlights of the last few months. This inversion in the relationship between mobile and computer will further […]

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social networks

The 50 numbers to know about social media in 2018

Each year, we publish a summary of social network statistics. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn … this article allows to visualize the forces involved and the dynamics of social networks. May 8th update: Spitche is launching it’s brand ambassador platform. Get your free trial here and have access to your first campaign for free. The […]

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artificial engagement

Facebook attacks pages that arouse an artificial engagement (vote, reaction, sharing, comment, tag of a friend …)

Bad news for the pages that pollute the newsfeed. Facebook announces that the pages that demand the engagement of users, through voting mechanisms in particular, will be penalized in the coming weeks.   Engagement bait: practices penalized by Facebook The social network aims particularly at 5 types of commitment considered dummy: Vote baiting: “Vote for […]

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20 powerful titles to increase your share on social networks

Are you tired of being invisible on social networks? Do you feel like nobody notices you? That no one is interested in you? That no one is listening to you? It’s normal. Take a look at these numbers, you will understand … 2.4 million. That’s the number of Google searches in a minute. Between 1500 […]

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? ? Emojis and social media: the perfect marriage ??

The term “emoji” comes directly from Japan and is generally translated by “emoticon”. Since their first appearance several years ago, these smileys used to image an emotion, have literally invaded our daily lives. Embedded in emails, ubiquitous in texting, they also have a prominent place on social networks such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram. […]

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How to generate more sales on social networks?

With more than 2 billion internet users active on social networks worldwide, the presence of brands and companies on these networks has become essential if not mandatory. Loyalty to your customers, increased visibility, a more human image of your company, shared advice, direct feedback on your products and services … all the advantages of having […]

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A new plugin to integrate Messenger on websites

Today, the Messenger platform moves to version 2.2. And with this version, comes a rather interesting novelty: the Customer Chat plugin to integrate the chat messenger on corporate websites. As Facebook explains in a post, “people can chat with companies on their websites and in Messenger (on the web, on a mobile device or on […]

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facebook messenger

5 techniques to use Facebook Messenger effectively in your marketing strategy

1.3 billion users, open rates close to 100% and clickthrough rates 5 to 10 times higher than emailing: Messenger emerges as a new communication channel for businesses. How to take advantage of Messenger? What are the techniques that work? Which tools to use? Discover 5 ways to harness the potential of Facebook Messenger to generate […]

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Facebook develops the sending of messages in mass via Messenger {News}

Facebook has just deployed a very interesting test (for brands) that would send messages in bulk through Messenger. This feature would make it possible to create a message via the Ads Manager, and to send it massively on Messenger, a little on the same model as a newsletter, the Messenger interactions in addition.  The shipment […]

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{Instagram News}: Regram button, animated GIF, saving stories, close friends

The Next Web has made several discoveries on Instagram: the application is currently developing several features, tested on a panel of users. The most interesting is probably the integration of a native “Regram” button, to share the picture or Instagram video of a friend or a brand easily. A Regram button on Instagram   This […]

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How to create and optimize a LinkedIn Business Page

Today LinkedIn is more than 500 million members worldwide. It is the essential professional network mixing more than 150 different sectors of activity. It represents many opportunities, whether you are a typical user looking for a job or you have a business and you want to offer an official showcase of his digital identity. Indeed, […]

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Facebook: Collaborative Stories for Groups and Events

Facebook stories have an important update. The Messenger Day and the Facebook application merge: now Facebook stories will also be visible in Messenger (and vice versa). Facebook also announces stories for groups and events. Facebook event and group stories At the top of your Facebook newsfeed, you will now see other types of stories. In […]

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How to promote an event on social media?

When organizing an event, it is very important to keep a lot of people informed. The usual methods are still strong to communicate such as the creation of a specialized landing page on your website, or the sending of mailing before and after the event. But today it’s not enough to stay close to your […]

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social selling

Social Selling: 6 tips for setting up your strategy

Social Selling consists in exploiting social networks to favor the sales of a company and to improve its commercial prospection on the web. A good Social Selling strategy relies on 6 levers for maximum efficiency. A good strategy of Social Selling is not reserved for salespeople, it involves all employees of the company and it […]

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Marketing with micro-influencers: engagement, relevance and authenticity

Adblocking is going up. From 15.7% of Internet users in the United States in 2014, they are now 26.3% in 2016. Even users who do not use adblocker seem to have developed a form of advertising blindness, automatically ignoring ads as soon as possible. While internet users tend to ignore social media ads, TIME magazine […]

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black friday

Black Friday 2017: Prepare you Marketing strategy

According to Adobe Digital Insights $12.8 billion have been spent online in the U.S. during the five-day period from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday,   With more than 730 million euros raised in turnover for the year 2016 in France, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday have become essential days for e-merchants. This year Black Friday will […]

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growth hacking

Growth Hacking vs Inbound Marketing

Growth Hacking is a form of marketing aimed at rapid growth with a minimum budget. Like traditional marketing, Growth Hacking attempts to answer the question “How to win customers? “. The approach is based on customer data control, monitoring and the latest technologies. Growth hackers are breaking down traditional patterns by working on both products […]

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Bots , what are they and how to integrate them into your marketing strategy?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the set of processes that can be performed by machines, and if for some it draws science fiction, artificial intelligence can however be integrated into the practices of marketers with the democratization of the use of bots.   Definition of Bots Bots are software that can structure processes by imitating human […]

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How to write the perfect Tweet?

A community manager’s first mission is to create engagement with his community. There are different ways to engage your audience on Twitter, starting with the Tweets themselves. A Tweet well built is more likely to be seen, relayed, clicked … Here are our tips for you to achieve “The Perfect Tweet”.   1. Work the […]

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6 tips to turn a customer into brand ambassador

The customer has a power often underestimated by the companies, it is a true promoter of the brand and become more legitimate than some media. The “evangelist” behavior of the client ambassador is often spontaneous but he generally needs to be encouraged by the company. Discover 6 tips to make your loyal customers into ambassadors […]

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LinkedIn : 10 tips to optimize your content strategy

On LinkedIn, how do you write qualitative articles that catch the eye and second and third level contacts and connections? Because all content published on LinkedIn is far from equal in audience (that is to say in visits). Here are the keys to creating publications that touch the right contacts to widen your relational network […]

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Start-up: 3 essential marketing pillars for your growth

Starting a start-up is a real challenge, especially when 90% of them fail. The parameters to be taken into account are numerous, it is necessary to adapt the product to the market, to watch the competition, to define a marketing model, to attract the investors, etc. It is therefore difficult to keep the distance sufficient […]

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Statistics you need to know on social networks to plan your strategy

Between the number of subscribers and commitment statistics, the impact of platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is undeniable. Facebook, for example, has an average of 1.28 billion active users every day. They come from all over the world and 85.2% of them live outside the United States and Canada. This level of connectivity is […]

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inbound sales

What is Inbound Sales Methodology in 2017?

You are most certainly familiar with the methodology inbound marketing, but what is inbound sales methodology? Marketing materials proliferating on the Internet, today’s consumers no longer depend on salespeople to decide on their purchases. Sales teams are therefore conscious of having to transform the entire sales strategy in order to serve the potential buyer. For […]

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Small companies, which communication strategy to adopt?

Executives of small companies, you just launched or are here for a while? Are you still very confident that, given your structure, communication and marketing are beyond your reach? Big error! Numerous examples such as Michel and Augustin show that with a low budget and a lot of imagination, it is possible to achieve and […]

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Hashtags on Instagram: how to use them to have more subscribers?

  Instagram is the social network of the moment. It must be said that Instagram reached the 700 million users a few months ago and seems to come dangerously close to the 800 million. Personally, I find this network rather exciting from a marketing point of view. Marketing on Instagram is simple. Companies (small or […]

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Buyer Persona : How to identify them and generate more sales?

Marketing or sales professionals know it very well: we do not sell anything to anyone anymore. And this is the same thing when you write a blog. You can not touch everyone despite all your efforts, it is impossible. You need to identify your target, this is the best way to sell as much as […]

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4 mistake companies make on their online marketing strategy

Some companies have success on the internet: they are constantly acquiring new prospects and doubling their sales each month. Others, on the other hand, experience every difficulty in the world in disposing of the least product, and even in selling a low cost solution. How do the former do? They do not make mistakes that […]

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Facebook algorithm : Do you want to know how it actually works?

Do you think your publications on Facebook get the visibility you want? Would you like to appear more often in the news stream of people? If your answer to any of these 2 questions is yes, keep reading. This article was written for you. First of all, if few people see your publications, that’s normal. […]

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10 figures on Facebook ads that will make you think

A lot of eminent historians and archaeologists insist that Plato invented Atlantis completely, but the explanation that the most important philosopher of all time would just make up this elaborate story about a sunken city and stick it at the beginning of what may have been his most ambitious work strikes me, at the very least, as a little weird. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, lacus eu erat integer bibendum rutrum, sed arcu molestie, in quis ornare, rhoncus sceleris nam feugiat nibh leo.

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Working Better as a Team by all Working Remotely?

Do you want to work on top of a mountain, on a white sand beach or in the Starbucks in the corner of your street? Well with today digital era you could, and more and more people are doing it? Whoever you are in the company from the entry level Employee to the CEO anyone [...] Continue reading
employee advocacy word of mouth

Employee advocacy to start Engaging your Community

#EmployeeAdvocacy #WordOfMouth #ContentMarketing #E-reputation #SocialSelling Employee advocacy is empowering your digital strategy, Spitche Allows you to recruit your employees and turn them into ambassadors. Check our features and see how to engage them. Spitche allows you to create subcategories of ambassadors, like that you can create different teams of employees ambassadors and curate the content and […]

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The best Times to post on Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter for Maximum Exposure

Spitche is built for you to manage efficiently your social media accounts and engage your community. Amongst all our Features, we allow you to publish and schedule content for all your social media directly from our platform and have a public wall with all your latest post from your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin in only [...] Continue reading


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