Case Study: Implement your Micro-Influencers Strategy

A visual tutorial to learn how to create micro-influencers campaigns that can double your social media engagement


Increased sales and a bottom line you can be proud of. Up to 92% of people ask for recommendations from friends and family when looking to make a purchase. Turn your actual customers into online micro-influencers who will share your content and recommend your brand on social media. Instantly double your engagement on specific Facebook post thanks to your brand ambassadors.

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Increase your Organic Reach

The organic reach increases through campaigns managed on Spitche and allows brands to get enough visibility for sales and spend less on ads.

Create a powerful gamification!

Allow your ambassadors to gain a lot of points when their friends engage with your content. They will better spread the word if their network can help them to win the top rewards.

Share great content

Creating great content is the key to get your post shared. Engage your micro-influencers with a video or infographics, it’s definitely more attractive than a simple post.