The best Times to post on Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter for Maximum Exposure

Spitche is built for you to manage efficiently your social media accounts and engage your community. Amongst all our Features, we allow you to publish and schedule content for all your social media directly from our platform and have a public wall with all your latest post from your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin in only one place. Isn’t it great?

By working with social media, it would be useful to know when to publish your content to reach your community and a maximum of people no ?

We are going to check this now and you need to know that each social media have it’s own code and moment to publish. So when is the best time to publish content ?

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When is the best time to post on Facebook ?

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Facebook : The most famous Social Media


Facebook is definitely the most famous Social Media amongst the other with now more than 1billion users. People are consistently their Facebook Feed either on their mobile and on their desktop. So when should you post?

The highest average click-through rate (CTR) : between 1 pm and 4 pm

The worst time : during week end before 8am (yes people enjoying sleeping during their time off) and after 8pm.

What you should try to do at least once a week : Create a facebook live event to engage directly with your community. Live Events are quite new but are driving great engagement.

Adding photos or images boosts engagement, people are more likely to stop scrowling down when they are appealed by an eye catching Image and then read what you have to say.

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How to know when your audience is actually online ?

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Check the Insight of your Facebook Page Analytics


Our Suggestion how many times to post on Facebook :

Two Times per day : In the morning around 10.30am and Afternoon around 3.30pm.
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When is the best time to post on Linkedin?

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Linkedin : the Professional Social Network


best time to post linkedin

Linkedin is THE social media for professional purposes! But you can actually see here that people check their linkedin feed before going to work, in their lunch break and after work! According to Neil Patel, the best time to post is during the workday. Between 7–8 a.m. and 5–6 p.m. are good times to post. Tuesdays between 10–11 a.m. may also be a good moment to engage on Linkedin.

Working with Spitche and your ambassadors, it will be the network where your Group “Employees” can be the most active by sharing the content relied to your company latest news, for your employees to show their skills and improve their Social Selling.

And for your HR team to announce and publish new recruitment. Your community will share it and find potential new employees in their network. Do not forget that your employees have a circle of friends with same interest and are probably from the same field of studies (or even school) and same work experience.

To complete knowing your Audience, do not forget to check your Linkedin Analytic Page to see which day works best for your brand.

Now you know the best time to publish your announcement on Linkedin to reach more people and have the help of your ambassadors to share it as well !

Our Suggestion how many times to post on Linkedin :

One Time per day : In the morning around 8am, Only Week Days
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Twitter : the question here in not really When to post, but how many times per day should you post.

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Twitter : the viral Social Media


best time to tweet

As you can see the best times to post on Twitter are during lunch break from Noon to 1pm. But also early in the morning and after work. So as Linkedin  we can see Twitter users are active when the commute to work.

That says with the most popular time to tweet is also the time when there is the highest volume of tweets, perhaps making it a bit more difficult for your tweet to stand out in someone’s timeline. There are two solutions to stand out :

You can try tweeting at non-peak hours,  early morning and late evening. Thankfully have a feature to schedule your Tweets so you do not have to wake up at 3Am or go to sleep at 1pm to send your tweets!

The most popular times to tweet could is when most people are on Twitter. When they have a break at work, or during a live Event and they want to comment on it. So you definitely should tweet when everyone is online.

Just follow some rules to be more visible : Be eye Catching by sharing related images, quote from an article. Also use hashtags correlated with want you want to say or the audience you want to reach, Experts suggest that one to three hashtags per tweet is optimal. Engage your audience by responding to their questions, or talk to your follower to know what they think about your new product.. Check more great ways here.

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Understand better your Audience with Twitter Analytics


twitter analytics

Our Suggestion how many times to post on Twitter:

Ten to Fifteen Times per day : From 4am to 10pm, with only 1tweet per hour maximum
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Bonus : Instragram (coming soon)

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Instagram : the favorite social media for infuencers


best time instagram

Instagram is the social network where brands get the best engagement from their community, so it’s important to know when is the best time to post there. We are working hard @Spitche to implement this Social Media to our platform.

But let’s focus here on what’s work for Instagram

Your audience is most likely available on Instagram off during hours. The best engagement you will have on Instagram it’s after 6pm and you should post every day of the week, INCLUDING week ends when you audience have actually more time available on Instagram.

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Understand better your Audience with Instagram Insight


instagram insight

Instagram also has this great feature that analyze your Audience, you can see there who is your audience and when they connect to your account so you can personalize better your brand and know when to reach your community.

Our Suggestion how many times to post on Instagram:

Two  Times per day : Once in the morning around 8AM, in the eveneing around 7PM

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