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[rs_heading divider=”solid” t_container=”h1″ t_align=”left” t_color=”pasific” add_animation=”true” el_class=”font-size-normal”]Create a circle of trust &
humanize your message.[/rs_heading]

Spitche allows you to engage your community with ambassadors sharing your message to their own network.

Thanks to the word of mouth, your ambassadors amplify your digital impact, increase your brand awareness and generate new opportunities!

[rs_heading t_container=”h1″ t_align=”center” t_color=”pasific” d_color=”black” t_font=”source-sans-pro” add_animation=”true” el_class=”mb50″]With Spitche you can control all your social media in a unique place[/rs_heading][rs_heading t_container=”h3″ t_align=”center” t_color=”black” d_color=”black” t_font=”source-sans-pro” add_animation=”true” el_class=”mb50″]Your Ambassadors can see content from your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts in a unique public page, they can then share your content in their own social network giving you more visibility and increasing your organic reach.[/rs_heading]
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[rs_heading style=”brand-heading-small” t_container=”h1″ t_align=”center” t_color=”pasific” add_animation=”true”]Who are your Ambassadors?[/rs_heading][rs_heading t_container=”h3″ t_align=”center” t_color=”black” add_animation=”true” el_class=”font-size-normal”]Connect with your community and make them feel special by becoming your brand ambassador. Reward them thanks to a gamification you customize with points, levels and incentives.[/rs_heading]
[rs_icon_box i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-briefcase” i_color=”pasific” title=”Your Employees”]They form an incredible resource and will be surely happy to help and feel more involved in the company’s communication strategy. Invite them to be your first ambassadors on your Spitche Account.[/rs_icon_box]
[rs_icon_box i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-shopping-cart” i_color=”pasific” title=”Your Customers”]You already have regular customers, that’s a great sign. And it is also a great opportunity to make them feel even more loyal by offering them to be your ambassadors and win great incentives from you.[/rs_icon_box]
[rs_icon_box i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-users” i_color=”pasific” title=”Your Social Media Followers”]You want to increase the engagement from your followers on Social Media, turn them into ambassadors who will share your content and get you more likes, comments and shares![/rs_icon_box]
[rs_heading divider=”solid” t_container=”h1″ t_align=”center” t_color=”pasific” add_animation=”true” el_class=”font-size-normal”]Everyone can be a Brand Ambassador!