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community with a gamified loyalty program

Elevate your brand’s community, loyalty and social engagement by turning your customers into nano-influencers for your brand.

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Loyalty Program

Create a loyalty program that lets your customers accumulate points for engaging with and promoting your brand on social media. Your program, your image. Fully customize your invitation with your brand’s colors and logo. No need to know how to code or design.

Audience Data

Use your loyalty program as a lead generation tool. Get more data about their social activity. Offer your potential customers rewards before they even make a purchase. Users are far more likely to sign up and interact with your brand if they don’t need to spend to reap rewards.

One-shot Campaign

Create one-shot viral campaigns. Pit your ambassadors against each other and have them compete for the most points. Only the ambassador with the most points wins the prize. Perfect for product launches, promotions, giveaways...

Who is Spitche for?

Spitche offers a fun and creative alternative to loyalty programs, marketing and advertising. Spitche makes it easy for your customers to share content and increase word-of-mouth marketing.

It works for brands that:


Are struggling with visibility on social media

Have a following but no engagement on their content

Are breaking their budget in SMM

Want a more modern and funner loyalty program

Ready to grow your organic reach and increase customer retention?

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Easily and fully customize your loyalty program

Create a richer experience by rewarding your customers for interacting with you. Show them you care about more than just their purchases.

Don’t wait until your customers make a purchase to reward them. Encourage them to interact with you and increase each customer’s lifetime value.

Rewarding your customers for engaging with your content increases organic reach and boosts overall engagement with your brand.

Easily and fully customize your loyalty program. Fully customize your invitation with your brand’s colors and logo. No need to know how to code or design.

You can set different points for different actions, and can add quick action bonuses for users that engage more quickly. Humans are competitive by nature. Make it fun for them to promote your brand.

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It is time to turn your customers into loyal advocates